Monday, November 21, 2005

Stewed chicken with Sesame oil

mm, stewed food again. Do you know? We Chinese love to eat something stewed with Chinese herb medicine in such a cool (or cold) day. Maybe the weather now in Taiwan is not cold for you. Now is around 18C here in Taipei. But, humidity. The moisture content of wind is high. So, when the wind blows, mm, cold. That the only answer I can give. *_ ^ !!

This stewed chicken with sesame oil is a kind of "standfood" for women who had delivereded a child within 1 month to eat. Why? Because it is "hot". Women who had delivered a child within 1 month was cold. (Lost a lot of blood) In modern science, there are a lot of un-saturated fatty acid in sesame oil. Women who delivered a child needed fatty acid.

Why I eat this? Nothing related with delivered a child. Same as I said before, sesame is "hot". Now, I feel a little bit cold, so I eat something "hot". That's the reason for me to eat this. Believe it or not, I didn't eat this before. This is the very first time for me to eat. Strange for you? ^_* !!!

Thanks James for correcting my error. The food I wrote yesterday is mutton, not meat of duck. Why I wrote wrong? mm, maybe I was thinking of my baby dock Donald. Ok, maybe I really need to go a nice & deep sleep. mm, hard working & poor young lady. :( Well, will there any tall, handsome, & young European man want to sleep with me? Ok, this is a joke. Do not take this seriously. *_^ !!

Another reason for me to write wrong is there is another famous stewed food here in Taiwan. That is really related with duck. Stewed meat of duck with ginger & Chinese herb medicine. This one is also popular here in Taiwan in winter.


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