Monday, November 28, 2005

Taiwanese tourist group-1

Those pics were taken on the way to caling trail last Sat. I went with a 70 people tourist group. Well, I need to explain this first. I am not a person who likes to go with such a big group & boring trip. Sometimes, I go with them because of my mother. My mother wants to go some places, but no one she knows can share a room with her, so, asking her baby daughter to go with her is the best way. Her baby daughter is me. *_^ !! Maybe you know this or not, usually we Chinese women have not gone to many places except for her home area. Especially those women in my mother's age or old than her. So, after their kids grown up, they want to go out to see this world. But, this time, I did not go with my mother. I went with Molysa. Traveling agent is her family business, I think.

The other reason is most of my friend are married & have kids. If I want to go out with them, I shall learn how to "play with" baby kids, milk and diapers. I have driving license, but I do not drive. Simple answer to this. Cause, hard to find a parking place. I drive a car, not let the car drive me. So, most of time, I go out by bus, subway, train, my bike , my moto & bus NO. 11. (This means walk. 11? not similar to 2 legs ? ha ha~~ Taiwanese joke )

Those pictures were taken during my trip to Caoling trail last Sat. I met these people in a rest area. Can you understand those Chinese words on that red cloth in front of those buses? That means a temple. Those people will go to a place and to bai-bai. At least, 2 buses of people will go. (from my pic)

What are those people in my 2nd pic doing? They are waiting for toilets. At that time, it was 8:00 AM. See, there are so many aged women. Many old women like to go bai bai? If you live here in Taiwan, maybe you find this before. According to my mother's speak, aged women do not like to go baibai all the time. But, they want to go out. The best way for them to go out & not blamed by their husbands is to go bai bai. *_^ !!

Most of you know that I believe in no religions. But, I am Moslem . I am not a real Moslem. This is a kind of Taiwanese joke. Isam pronuced in hui -jiao(回教) in Chinese. That can be translated into go home & sleep in Chinese. (回家睡覺) So, I am this kind of Moslem. (Go home & sleep in my own bed) I respect all the religions. I also believe that it's a nice way to know a kind of culture by knowing their religion first.

What are thos people in my 3rd pic do ? They got off buses and stretched their legs for a while. See, there are also so many buses there. mm, nice day for going to bai-bai? ha ha~~


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