Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mountain "pillow" is better than mountain climbing

mm, I went mountain climbing today. To this place , Caoling Historic Trail. ( ) Does this call mountain climbing or just hiking? *_ ^ !! It took me 2hours walk to arrive the place where our bus was parked. My 1st picture was taken from the top of this trail. The moisture content today is a little bit to high. See, does it still beautiful?

My 2nd picture is me. What behind me is hu-tzu (tiger) stele. (for 300 years) See, I was so tired. I got up at 4:30 AM.( p.s. Thanks to Joel for "msn" me to wake up) Then, dealed with my office work. (thanks to the "strike" of my computer in office in Friday afternoon) Went out at 6:00 AM. Catched my bus at 6:20AM. Then, waited in the meeting place to meet other people. This time, we still have 2 buses. Around 70 people went on this one day trip. The time for me to arrive at Caoling Historic Trail is 9:00 AM. I only slept for 3 hours last night. But, I need to get up so early and go hiking? Tired, of course.

What was inside my backpack? My jacket & my shirts. Too hot & tired. The time when I went out was cool. But, when I was in caoling, 2 hours walk, mm, hot ~~~ & tired.

So, my dear Croatian Alien, MP only likes to go mountain pillow. (That means sleeping) NO mountain climbing. *_^ !!


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