Monday, December 05, 2005

snack food?

This is a kind of famous food in I-Lan. Sugar pickled fruits or pickled fruit with sugar? See my 1st pic, there are 10 kinds of different pickled fruit in that box. Maybe it will need to spend 200NTD to buy for 1 box. I do not know. Cause I didn't ask. My roommate in Tainan bought this for me long long time ago. At that time, it costed her 200NTD. All these picked fruits in that box tasted sweet & sour. Do you know what is that green one? It is mango. Not matured mango. We usually picked that with sugar. After finished, we ususally freeze that. After it becomes ice pickled mango, we eat this. Cold, sweet & sour, best to eat in summer.

The yellow one in my 2nd pic maybe is pickled mango. The one in my 3rd pic is olive. Ususally, you can buy a little. See, there is a spoon on the top of those pickled fruits. You can buy a whole box with different kinds of pickled fruits or weight how much you want to buy. But, different kinds of pickled fruits have different prices.


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