Monday, December 26, 2005

New car show & show girls

I need to say this first. I do not this kind of show. Why? "Beauty Economics" , that's what they call this in Mainland China. The meaning of that is to use beautiful girls, or I shall say, to use young & nice in figure girls to help them sell things. See my word "use" . That means I do not think those businessmen think those girls as human beings. They treat them as "tools".

This is new car show. My office is located in Taipei world trade center. So, seeing show is easy for me. I just need to go down stairs or just need to look down. This show will be held for 1 week, sincn Dec . 24. If you have interests, you can go to Taipei world trade exhibition center 1 to see. The price of ticket for 1 person is 250 NTD. My co-worker told me.

See, there are so many men. What are they doing? See those girls who wear less or see new cars? I double it. Most of them have carmeras in their hands. What do they want? Just take a picture? Take pictures of cars or girls?

Now, more & more women buy cars here in Taiwan. Maybe I shall give those car sales an advice. Why don't you have "man power show" ? If they can have men show, of course, male models need to wear as less as possible and hot & sexy dance, I will take buying a car into my consideration. That's called "fair" . Why I need to pay for money to see show girls? I want to see "show boys", ok? Those chauvinism pigs.

Pay money? Oh, of course, they take part of money you paid for buying a car to do such promotion. So, if you buy their cars, you pay the money for launch such shows. Why can not I ask for male model show? ha ha ha~~~ I got driving license for many years, I do not want to buy a car. Why? not "fair" ~~~ No man power show ~~~ ha ha ha~~~


  • At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Rob said…

    In the US the saying is "sex sells" (and it does:P).


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