Sunday, December 25, 2005

Something "special" in night market~~

If you live here in Taiwan, you maybe have been to night market. Well, how do you think about night market here in Taiwan? A lot of food to eat? mm, well, it's ture. But, have you ever "seen" this special show in night market? well, I saw better & more "exciting " one in Taichung. mm, men loves this. Night market "show" , free to see. No need to pay any money. Men can go to see, of course, women can,too.

First, they all dress like my 1st picture. They dress well and sing a song. Some of them are not bad in singing. And, then, here comes the girl who dresses like my 3rd pic. What does she do? Usually dancing very "hot", or like what she do in my 2nd pic.

Let me explain the "procedure" of this special show. Usually, each girl will need to sing 3 songs. When they sing the first song, usually they dress well. Then, they start to take off some clothes in singing 2nd song. When they sing the 3rd song, only "bikini" there. Understand now? Sometimes, we will have this special show in wedding party. oh, usually, this is nightmare to me. But, not all girls in this special show all take off clothes. See, the girl in my 1st pic, she only sing, no taking off clothes.

What did I see in Taichung? mm, a girl who wore a heavy coat outside but nothing inside that coat. That girl will go in front of you and open her coat for a while. Then, you can see what is inside. Of course, naked~~~~ No need my explain? ha ha ha~~~~

Well, my dear alien, have you ever seen this kind of night market show here in Taiwan? if not, that's because you didn't go with me. You went to Taichung with wrong person. Ha ha ha~~~ I usually can show people very localized Taiwanese culture. :) This is my New Year gift for you, alien in Greece. :)


  • At 10:55 PM, Anonymous j said…

    Hi Meiyunnchung

    Wow, when I was growing up in taiwan 22 years ago, night markets had NO SHOW! No show of buttocks that is!
    I cannot believe how much western "dirty business" has infiltrated taiwan. I couldn't believe that the girl was wearing thong bikini underwear right on the street! I heard that Beetle Nut girls have been invented in taiwan too.

    Wow. That is really something that I can't even imagine. I guess that makes me an old woman.

  • At 11:16 PM, Blogger MeiyunnChung said…

    Well, I studied in Taichung 14 years ago. My sister studied in Tainan 17 years ago. At that time, there was this kind of special show in night markets. Maybe not like the dancing girl in my blog, but, bikini or dress less is true.

    In wedding party, yes, there are really this kind of shows. I attended few. This is very localized Taiwanese culture. mm, maybe I shall say, you can not see this in we so called "high class" places. Only in extremly localized places.

  • At 11:52 PM, Anonymous j said…

    Well, I guess I was never in the Extreme Local places. Maybe it was because my parents were conservative, and they wanted my little eyes to be protected from looking at all the men lusting after the naked women. But I doubt that. I've been to some taiwanese local weddings, but I don't recall ever seeing one practically naked girl. I do recall a good time of hundreds of table, set outside by the mountains or some really local towns, with big woks of boiling water or oil, people cooking and drinking away!

    I am very curious to find out what do the women in the wedding party think of strippers at the wedding. I mean how does the bride feel? How does the mother of the bride feel?

    You are absolutely right. It is really not fair. Why don't men ever hire younger men to strip. Why don't men wear tight-figure showing clothes so that we can all see what they are made out of? And have them stand side-by-side as head-on comparison?

    Ha ha ha.

    Can you imagine having pieces of clothing that wrap around the men's jewels, so that they can all be compared to one another, and compared to younger men who are models?

    Anyway, this is a fascinating topic. By the way, in the three-cup dish, you use the three cups of "sauce" but my question was do you cook chicken? Fish? Squid? with the three cups of marinade?


  • At 12:25 PM, Blogger MeiyunnChung said…

    Well, first to answer "3 cups" dishes. Yes, we cook 3 cups of chicken. Sea food? We rarely cook in "3 cups" way. Why? cause the way to cook in "3 cups" sauce need to stew food for hours.(in tradition way) Will sea food be good to eat after stewed for hours? So, that's the reason for we do not use 3 cups cooking method in sea food. Usually, we need to find food can be stewed for hours.

    Second, the bride really does not feel good. of course, her mother,too. But, sometimes this is extremely local culture. So, what can we do? Same as you know, we Chinese need to respect our elders. Sometimes, this special show in wedding party is paid by our elders as a gift to this new married couple. They want to see this kind of show. Maybe they think this show can make wedding more interesting.
    Usually, a host of that kind of show tell a lot of dirty jokes. Well, extremely local culture. I do not like this. If there are male strippers, maybe I will like this kind of show. Ha ha ha~~~


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