Friday, February 03, 2006

Dinner at our Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve in my home

See my picture. In tradition, we Chinese like to sit around a round table. Round shape means reunion in Chinese. So, you know the meaning of sitting around a round table for dinner now. Same as I said before, I flied to Korea on that day. So, I ate my dinner fast & washed dishes for my families, then, quickly went out to catch my subway & bus to airport. :) Why I need to wash dishes for all my familes? well, my mother is a little bit old. My elder sister is married. (Thought she is back and stay in my home for this new year break) My elder brother is not married. So, I do not have sister in law. Who will need to do dish wash? Of course, this un-married younger sister. This is also our tradition.

My family is not so traditional Chinese family. If you stay in southern part of Taiwan during new year's break, maybe you can find really traditional Chinese family. :) Then you can know more about Chinese traditions.

I just flied back to Taipei yesterday. In the very earlier morning. The time for our airplane to take off is 2:55 AM in Korean time. Total flight time is around 2 hours. So, when I arrived at Taiwan is around 5:00AM in Taipei time. Very earlier morning. So sleepy. ha ha ha~~ So, I almost sleep all day long yesterday. Not so much. There were still couples hours for me awaking. ha ha ha~~


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