Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New opened shop

This is our tradition. If your shops, not only resturants, but also all kinds of shops, of course, companys are included (Companies are a kind of shops, too ^~ ^ ) , you will need to bai-bai. Similar to my pic.

Not only need to bai-bai. Time & position also need to be chosed. Special time, depends on our lunar calendar. :) Usually, shop owners go bai bai on the 2nd & 16th days, of course, by our lunar calendar. :)

Now, people prepare simple things to go bai bai. See, there are apples, pineapples and a bottle of tea. What are inside those silver cups? rice, not cooked rice.

All those foods are for Gods and ghosts. To Gods, hope Gods can give the owner good luck and make a lot of money. To ghosts, hope them do not make troubles.


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