Saturday, December 31, 2005

Spicy crab's legs

Well, I shall say gong-bao crab's legs. Gong-bao is a kind of dried chili in Chinese spice, very spicy one. I like to eat spicy food, don't I tell you before? ha ha ha~~ I really like to eat spicy food, especially spicy hot pot food. :) Well, hot & spicy men I also like to eat. (Joke, of course. Do not mis-understanding anything) Does it nomal to use hot & spicy in men? I only hear people use this in describing girls.

See, what else are there in that plate? That small one is fried peanuts. Also sliced scallion in that plate. The chef fired those crab's legs first, then add gong-bao, peanuts and scallion together. Really nice to eat, if you can eat spicy food.

Happy New Year to everyone again. I will have a special food as my breakfast on the 1st day of 2006. I will let you know tomorrow. :)


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