Friday, December 30, 2005

Home made soybean milk

First, you need to soak soybeans over night. To make soybeans softer & easy to peel out layer. Then, add soybeans & water to mixer, high speed mixer. See my 2nd pic. Do you find anything special? Yes. Soybeans only in the middle part. Why? Cause I do not want to drink my soybean milk with out layer of soybeans.

Then, boil the soybean milk slowly & keep stirring. Otherwise, you will have soybean milk with smoke flavor. (or burnning flavor)

Easy to do this at home. :) Happy New Year to every one. According to our news, there will be firework in front of the 101 building in the night of 31st Dec. Maybe CNN will broadcast this.


  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger Rob and Linda said…

    Thank you for this detailed lesson. My wife and I drink soy milk and can now try to prepare some ourselves rather than purchase from the market. I think food prepared with your own hands will always taste better than food prepared by machinery in some distant place!

  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger MeiyunnChung said…

    I am very glad that my blog is helpful for you. I didn't write down the ratio of water & soybeans. Cause my mother said :" Not only the ratio, you also need to choose good soybeans to make soybean milk." So, this, depends on personal taste. Some persons like heavy flavor, some like light one. So, make it your own flavor. ^ ~ ^ !!

    I like to prepare food by my hands,too. But, here in Taiwan, it's so convenient to buy food and eat at resturants. Not expensive. So, less & less people cook.

    Remember the forming property of protein and stir your soybean milk slowly when heating. Heating to boil is very important. :)


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