Sunday, January 01, 2006

My breakfast in the first day of 2006

This is my breakfast today, the first day in the year of 2006. Nice begining with nice food. :) This halva was sent by alien in Hellas. ( )I forgot to eat. No, I shall say, it does not look delicious to me. White one? Not colorful? only Greek words on it ? ha ha ha~~ So, I "forgot" to eat. Yesterday, when I was cleaning my room, it fell down to my floor. So, I have to eat it. Why? the outer plastic package was broken. If I do not eat them, the only choice to me is to through it away. Otherwise, ants & roaches will "come " to my room & eat it.

My choice is right. I eat it and do not let ants & roaches to eat. It tastes similar to a kind of peanuts candy I liked to eat vey much when I was a kid. I like this. But, the calories of this halva is a little bit too high to me. Ha ha ha , forgot ? I majored in food science. I know calories well, too. How can I not to count this? Especially when I need to lose weight to let myself dress in a beautiful dress to attend my vegetarian roommate's wedding in April. Well, tell you a joke, the first thing when I talk to my roommates in MSN or phone call is "do you lose weight? ". Well, this wedding is a big thing to us. She is the first one who will get married in our room. We were roommates in university time. How many years do we sleep together? Not only four, until now, we still sleep together. (sometimes, to go on a trip together, or I go to their places) So, how can we not to pay more attention to her wedding? That's girl's friendship. We planed to invite her to go to Guam, but she has no time. Why Guam? Because according to our friends, there is "men power show" . Boys can have "the last single day party", why we can not have "the last single day party", too? ha ha ha~~~ I like fair, do not forget this. :)

I also like that small cup very much. It looks very cute & girish. It's really my style. :) But, I do not know how to make Turkish coffee. So, my breakfast is Chinese tea & halva.

Do you know why we Chinese like to have desserts with tea? Because desserts are oily, or there is high fat hidden. It will be good to drink tea with oily desserts. The function of tea is to lower the oily mouth feel. According to papers, tea can lower content of cholesterol & fat in blood. Nice drink, right?

Have a nice day in the begining of 2006. :)


  • At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hej Meiyunn there are more people in the world who are drinking first year's coffee in such cute cups ;-)
    Happy and sweet New Year (by the way it's first time I see your blog)

  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger MeiyunnChung said…

    Thank you for your information and saw my blog. :)

    Keep to visit my blog, if you like food in Taiwan. ;-)


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