Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hot & spicy soup with dumplings ^ ~ ^

Days ago, a dumplings loving person told me that he thought it's polish and russian speciality. Well, I can not say dumplings originally from China. But, the only thing I can sure is dumplings must from some places where people can grow wheat there. : ) It's nice to know more people from different coumtries. :) Especially by food. :)

Here in Taiwan or in China, we have another way to eat dumplings. Put them in soup. :) Soup dumplings. :) Usually, we have beef soup with dumplings or sour & spicy soup with dumplings. But, this one I ate is hot & spicy soup with dumplings.

The one in my spoon in 1st pic is dumpling, it goes without saying. Most people know. The one in my spoon in my 2nd pic is duck's blood pudding. The one in my 3rd pic is to-fu with bad smell. The soup is extremely hot & spicy. Of course, they added a lot of kinds Chinese herbs to make that soup. :)


  • At 6:39 AM, Anonymous j said…

    Well the soup looks delicious! It makes winter looks cold.
    The soupe looks Guo Ying (yummy and satisfying).
    I guess there are not that many western dishese that you eat and afterwards you say, umm, hao guo ying (ver guo ying). By guo ying, one has to have sweated, teared, and dripped in your nose.
    And afterwards, you burp, and you pick your teeth with a toothpick.

    Gourmet. Taiwanese style.

    The only problem is afterwards, you almost always feel sleeping, thirsty, and have bad breath.


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