Saturday, January 07, 2006


I bought this in the supermarket in the 101 building mall. (supermarket is located in B1) How much does this cost? 69 NTD, equals to 2 USD or around 2 Euro.

There are a lot of werstern food & Japanese food in that supermarket. More than other supermarket. Also, the bakery there is nice.

The one I bought is from Austalia and is salmon flavor. Nice to eat. There ought to have 8 pieces in one box, why ony 7 in my 2nd pic? Of course, I ate~~~~ :)

Cheese is not bad for me, but, a liitle bit too high in calories. :)


  • At 5:44 AM, Blogger mikidhellas said…

    The only place in Hsinchu where I found something similar to cheese was Geant. Cheddar and sometimes even Danish Blue (the 2nd one in RTMart, maybe). Sometimes I would find something what acted to be Camambert (in blue package) but it disappeared in the 2nd part of the year. In Hsinchu Geant also U can find French Pate. Worth to note: also the choice of wine is the best there-for 299NTD U can buy quite decent Californian Cabernet Savignon or Merlot by E&J Gallo: do not try to find something better in the same price, rather impossible! Do not take various Italian wines, in that price it is rather BAD. If you happen to find Spanish "Reserva", preferably years 1996, 1999 or 2003, pay even up to 500, that would be OK, but I was not able to find it when in Taiwan.


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