Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fortune God

The guy who with beard and in the middle of my picture is we Chinese so called "fortune God". He can give you fortune, but, you need to earn money in right way, not in wrong way. If you want money and do not want to work, you can go bai bai for other Gods or Ghosts. Not this one. This picture as taken by me in front of a shop. As you can see, you can buy decroation for new year in this shop. Sometimes people will buy the picture or decroation of this fortune God home. Maybe it can bring you good luck in making money. Usually, those people who have a shop their own.

In our tration, we will need to go bai bai to welcome this fortune God at the fifth day in Jan. Of couse, according to our trational lunar calendar, not the one we use now. Or most people in the world use now. :)

According to our tradition, we have a lot of things to do in the end of a year and in the begining of a new year. We need to send those Gods back to heaven at the end of a year and welcome them back at the begining of a year. So, we need to clean our homes and kicthens. (We need to do different things on different days) It will be very interesting to stay with a traditional Chinese family during the New Years. But, now, most people do not follow those traditions.


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