Sunday, January 22, 2006

Extremely hot & spicy hot pot

I like hot & spicy food. Cause, is there ant hot & spicy handsome man here in Taiwan? or in the world? No hot & spicy man , so , the only choice I can choose is hot & spicy food. ha ha ha~~ of course, standard joke of meiyunn's style.

Ususally, I can not find really hot & spicy hot pot here in Taiwan in normal small hot pot restaurants. The standard of their hot & spicy is not hot & spicy for me.

See my 1st pic, the soup is red. Color of spicy. ha ha ha~~ Usually, the deep red color means very hot & spicy. The deeper , more hot & spicy. :)

Usually, we add vegetables first. Usually, we add cabbages. Casuse, is can be stewed for longer time and there is a little bit sweet flavor in cabbage. This can make soup better to eat. :)

What you will feel when you eat this ? Your throat (right away) & ass (few hours later) can tell you. You ass can feel this hot & spicy feeling while you go to toilet. ha ha ha~~~ you can try yourself next time.

It's normal for people here in Taiwan to eat this hot & spicy hot pot in winter or in cold days. Sometimes, people eat this in hot summer days with air condition. Funny & strange? :)


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