Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Modern Dinner at Chinese Lunar New Year ' s Eve

Couple days before, I went to a convenient store to buy some thing cold to drink. I found this catalog. Maybe it is interest for you. There are pictures of dishes for new year's eve. You can order it before 1 month and will get it 3 days before new year's eve. You can choose to send to your home or send to the convenient store you filled this order list, then go to the store to get it while you off your work. Convenient? Yes. You just need to stew, steam, microwave or put the semi-well done food into oven. There is also a brief instrution to tell you how to cook or I shall say to heat those foods in the box. See, my 2nd pic, the chef who standing next to those food is the one who cook those food. Of course, he taught those people in the central kitchen to cook those food first and flavored first. Then, frozen those semi well done food. You can simple "heat " those food before dinner. Then, you can have a nice dinner at Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve.

Why I say "modern"? Because in old times, maybe not so far, only couple years before, people still need to cook their own big dinner at Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve. In acient time, this will be very tired thing for a wife. Big dinner for whole family, big family, not only parents & kids, maybe grand-parents, grand-kids and unmarried brothers & sisters. Big family. To cook for them? of course tired out.

Today, things seem to be easy. You can just fill a order list in a convenient store around the corner.

The Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve will be on 28th Jan. this year. Usually, this dinner is for families to come back to their home to eat together. Married sons need to bring their wives & kids back to their parents home and unmarried sons & daughters shall go back to their parents' home, too. But, now, more & more people choose to go abroad for traveling. Same as me. ha ha ha ~~ I did not have this " habit" before. Last year, I went to my sister's home in Shang-hai. This year, I will fly to Korea with my roommate in university time.

Do you know what did I see last year in CKS airport? "People mountain & people sea". That means a lot of people in Chinese. We usually say this kind of Chinese -English for fun. :)


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