Sunday, February 05, 2006

First day in Korea

My flight time to Korea was 22:30 PM on 28th Jan. (In Taiwanese local time) When I arrived at Seoul, the time was 1:55 AM on 29th Jan. (In Korean local time) The time difference is 1 hour. Korean time is 1 hour fast than Taiwanese time.

So, when I arrived at Korea, I couldn't see anything outside airport. All dark. What are members in my tourist group? only 10 people. 2 families(4 people in a family), my roommate in Tainan & me. There are a 7 years old son & 4 years old daughter in one family. So, you can know what I would need to suffer to go with them in 4 days. ha ha ha~~

Korea is a mountainous country. Not high mountain. See my 1st picture. That picture was taken not far away from the hotel I stayed. See, the slope is a little bit high. I like flat ground. It's convenient to walk in a flat ground.

My 2nd picture was taken in front of the hotel I stayed. The car behinded me was the car I need to take for 4 days. See the clothes I wear, you can know it's not so cold in Korea. Remember one thing, I come from Taiwan. Taiwan is in subtropical zone. So, if I wear such clothes, maybe you who come from cold countries can wear less. :)

Of course, there are air conditioner inside rooms. Warm air, not cold. Usually here in Taiwan, we just need cold air, not warm air. ha ha ha~~


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