Monday, February 06, 2006

Ginseng chicken soup

This is a kind of famous food in Korea. Same as you know, Korea is famous for ginseng. So, can they not add ginseng in every day meal or any dishes?

In Korea, usually there will be few small dishes of vegetables, fishes or seaweed and a main course. See my 1st picture, there are 2 dished, a cup of ginseng wine and a plate of noodles. How to eat this? See my 2nd picture. :)

The ginseng chicken is vey hot. You can add noodles to it and the temp of the soup will be cool down a lot. (To let the temp of soup cool down and let noodles to be warm enough to eat)Then, add that cup of ginseng wine. Do not add wine before noodles. Why? Cause the temp of that soup is almost near 100 C. Is that safe to add wine at that temp? :)

See the yellow one in my last picture? This is ginseng. Maybe 1 year old ginseng. Not very good ginseng. But, it is good enough for cooking, flavoring and food. The best age for ginseng is 6 years old. Remember, and next time you can go to Korea and buy ginseng.


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