Sunday, February 05, 2006

Korean B.B.Q.

I know, you all will like to know this first. Maybe some of you want to know Ginseng chicken soup. But, I find this is more interesting than ginseng chicken. :)

See my pictures then you will know by yourself. No need me to eplain more. :) In my 1st picture, the waiter was putting pork on that pan. Not copper pan anymore. Before, Korean use copper. But, some researchers found that copper will relase harmful materials during high temp. So, they changed.

See the right side of my 2nd picture. You will use those leaves to wrap you pork after the pork is well-done. It will be better to add some kimchi with your pork. :)

To me, I do not think kimchi is a kind of hot spicy food. Same as I said before, I like hot & spicy food. But, to you who do not like to eat hot & spicy food, kimchi will be a little bit hot & spicy.

In fact, according to my tourist guide, Korean food is not hot & spicy. It just looks red. They only keep the color of spice, not all the flavor of spice. :)

See my 3rd picture. A cute young man used scissior to cut our pork into small pieces. It will be easy to eat in this small size. So, now you can know, what kind of size did we put in a pan originally? This is special in Korean B.B.Q. Why? Maybe it can keep moisture and texture of the meat druing B.B.Q. I did not ask. That's what I think. Forgot? I majored in food science. Food processing is what I know. ha ha ha~~~

See the last pic. This is standard style of Meiyunn's smile. ha ha ha~~ Sunny & happily~~ ha ha ha~~ It will be happy to go out with me, right? ha ha ha~~ To eat with me maybe much happier? ha ha ha~~

If you are interested in a man in Korea, ask him to go out for a drink. I mean, if you are a woman. Or you can ask him to eat B.B.Q. and wrap pork for him and "feed" him. Did I do that? Of course, no. Do you know what they call me? a-chu-ma. That's means an old lady or married women. My touist guide called me this. He is one years younger than me. So, I am really an "a-chu-ma" to him. Or maybe 32 years old is really "a chu ma" in Korean society. ha ha ha~~ He is an overseas Chinese. Not Korean.

By the way, according to my tourist guide, in Korea, if I am one years old than him, I can not be his friend. I will be his senior. They respect senior, even senior done things wrong, junior can not correct him. Is that reasonable in your point of view? anyway, it's culture thing.

Respect all kinds of culture is my principle. :)


  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger mikidhellas said…

    so, respecting other's culture, maybe U could learn smthing and TRY, MP! Next time go and see if it 'works': call smbdy for a drink!
    Sure, take care that you'd like the guy! :-D

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger MeiyunnChung said…

    ha ha ha~~you know me well amd you know that I won't do that. :)

    When will be my next time to Korea? I do not know. I need to tell you one thing. I do not like Korean men. ha ha ha~~ So, will I need to ask any Korean man to go for a drink? ha ha ha~~


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