Friday, December 08, 2006

Another toilet in Bei-jing

This one was taken in a gasoline station somewhere near Bei-jing. In fact, the government does a lot of things and rebulits a lot of constructions for the really big thing in the year of 2008.

So, most of toilets in Beijing are not like this. Most of them are like the one you go in your cities, I mean, with door, whole door, not half one (I went to a toilet with half door in China before) So, when I found this, "happy" was the only word I could say. But, same as you think, I need to wait for a long time to take this picture. Because, so many people come in and do their No.1 or No.2.

This place can "offer" 3 people to do their No. 1 at the same time. Is that also strange for you to do your No.1 while others are doing? I mean, you can see what they are doing and talk to them face to face. Without opening doors. Can you? I can not. But, people in China they do not feel strange. I mean, even I was there,(of course, not showed my camara) they came in and took off their paints and of course done their No.1 or No.2. Can you? The first time when I went to China, I could not do this. Of couse, my roommates could not do, too.(I went with my roommates) So, I stood outside and did not let people go inside. After my roommates finished and went out, I started let people to go inside. But, now, I will do my No. 1 or No.2 quickly as I can in this kind of toilet. But, I still can not do this with people I know together. Can you?


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