Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tibet food in Bei-jing

These pictures were taken when I was in Bei-jing. This is a Tibet resturant. I do not know the address of this exactly. But, I know that this resturant is located in embassy area of Bei-jing. What do they do? They will sing first, from table to table. Or area to area. Then, they will have peronal shows or special tibet dance. Usually, after 9:00 pm every day.

What is the function of the white cloth they carry? The white cloth usually made of silk. (or human made silk) The meaning of that is honor, happiness, lucky and good. So, when they sing around customers in the resturant, they will give the white cloth to customers. Of course, not all of customers. Then, after they start they personal show or tibet dance at the stage, you can give that cloth to the one you think is best. It's a little bit like we give flowers to singer we like. But, the true meaning of that white cloth is not so simple in Tibet.

I thought that man's voice is good. So I gave my white cloth to him and asked my sister to take picture for me. In fact, they did not give me the white cloth. I "borrowed" it from my sister's husband. But, at that time, my sister did not take picture for me. "Forget" ~~~ So, I went to next table and "borrowed" their's.

Food in that resturant is good. See, there are two we so called "foreigner" in my 1st picture. They sat on the sofa. According to my sister's saying, there are many we so called "foreigners" like to there. So, maybe next time when you have a chance to go to Bei-jing, go to this Tibet resturant and try tibet food by yourself. *_^ !!


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