Sunday, February 12, 2006

Special Chocolate bought from Korea

I think you all who visit my blog are more interested in food than other things. :) In fact, I planed to write my trip to Korea day by day. But, I think that will be boring to you. Cause most of you did not watch any Korean TV programs. That means those places I went are related with Korean TV programs. ha ha ha~~ That's why I feel so happy to go to Korea. I am a TV girl~~ ha ha ha~

My 1st picture is chocolate with spicy flavor. Special? My 2nd picture is chocolate with ginseng flavor. ha ha ha~~~ Really everything related with ginseng in Korea? That's your feeling? ha ha ha. Me, too. In fact, there is still another kind of flavor, Guess?

Kimchi flavor chocolate. ha ha ha~~~ Amazing? But, it was all sold out. So I could not buy. :(

I forgot the prices of those chocolate. Not expensive. Maybe around 200 ~300 NTD for 1 pack. The taste of those chocolate? Not bad, I like spicy food. So, I shall say, good. ha ha ha~~ You can try next time when you go to Korea. :)


  • At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ahhh, I think you are right! I enjoy food and travel. I enjoy chocolate mixed with unusual flavors and also enjoy spicy foods, so red pepper chocolate and ginseng chocolate sounds very good! : )



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