Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What do Korean women consider to be important?

I have not written my blog for at least 1 month. Where did i go? Nowhere. Still here in Taiwan. Maybe I am "testing" . Testing what? skin care products. ha ha ha

What do Korean women consider to to important? Skin, body shape, accessory, hair style, teeth, hand, clothes & shoes. The most important thing they care about is skin. So, it's not hard to find those skin care products in Korea. Not only or women, but also for men. A lot of kinds skin care products.

Most important of all, not expensive. Also, functional. Of course, I bought a lot back to Taiwan. I also find nice shops to buy Korean skin care products here in Taiwan. :) That's why I did not write my blog. :)

The price of that mask is around 20 NTD for 1 piece, cheap? yes.


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