Thursday, December 07, 2006

Simatai great wall

Same as I told you before, there are a lot of sections of the great wall. I really do not have too much free time right now, otherwise, I can show you my trip in Bei-jing more. I took 675 pictures. Of course, I deleted a lot. But, I still have around 600 pictures. Especially a lot pictures with my ducky. Well, "she" just fits the size which I can put in my bag. (do not tell the animal protective association *_^ !!) So, she will be my "best friend" to go any place with me. Probably you will see her a lot in my blog in the future. ha ha ~~

What are those words in my 1st picture? Sorry, they are written in Chinese. The meaning of that is "the great wall is the best thing in the world and Simatai great wall is the best section of the great wall". I think it will be better for you to go to this section. If you do not like so many tourists.

See, there is cable car behind me.(right side) You can take this cable car to go to the top.(not so top, you still need to climb for a little distance. But, save a lot of time) So, if you like to walk, it will take you couple hours to go to the top.(depends on how fast you can walk) Of course, I choose to take cable car. Why? I went with my mother. She is not so good in her knees. You maybe get this in your mind. "EXCUSE"

The 2nd one was taken near the Tian-an men square. This is an advertisement. But the view they chose to shot is not bad. That's the reason for me to take this. This also can tell you one thing: Simatai great wall is not hard to find and also famous in China. *_ ^ !!


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