Thursday, December 07, 2006

Toilet in China again

I like to take pictures of toilet in China. I should say, I like to "compare" the toilets in different countries. Also, I like to wirte about the "developement" of toilet. ha ha.

This time when I was in Bei-jing, I did not have a chance to go so "countryside" places. So, I did not have a chance to take a picture of the toilet which is full of shit and shit is not only full of a toilet but also fill up the path to go to the toilet.

These pictures were taken in the eastern tomb of the Ching dynasty. Not so many tourists to go to this place. Many people like to go to the tomb of the Ming dynasty. Because, that one is convenient to go. This is a toilet located in the princesses' tomb. There was a famous pricess who had nice smell of her body and the king loved her very much at that time. She was berried in this tomb with other princesses. I think this toilet is rebuilted. Because, we all go there and to do our No. 1 & 2. I waited for a long time to take this. Because, can I take a picture while others are doing their No. 1? * _^ !!

Can you guess how to do you No. 1? The 1st pic is almost the whole view of that toilet. The 2nd one is the place for 2 people to do their No. 1. Now you can understand how to do your No.1 in that kind of toilet. * _^ !!

To me, this is not the one I want to take. Not so "classical" . ha ha ha ~~ That means "shit is not enough" ha ha ha~~~


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