Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Arriving at Bei-jing

Well, it's also a big thing to Bei-jing. I mean, 1st direct flight from Taipei to Beijing at Mid-autumn festival. Mid-autumn festival to our Chinese is like thanksgiving to you foreigners. A day for families to renuin. So, when we arrived at Bei-jing airport , of course, there were many people waiting in a line to welcome us. Do I know them, of course, not.

Bei-jing airport is not as big as Shang-hai international airport (the one in pu-dong). So, they could not have a large space to welcome us. But, red cloth written with welcome words? of course, they must hang it up.

See my 1st pic, there is a camara man. He works for a tv company in Hong-kong. The woman who held a mic in her hand was a Bei-jing local reporter. She was interviewing that old lady. That old lady is my mother's friend and lives near my home.

When we arrived at Bei-jing, there were so many reporters. But, they all went to find old people or handicap persons to have an interview. Why? a good timing to promote PRC.(People's Republic of China) So, my mother said this to me : "Next time I will dye my hair white" ha ha ha~~~Can my mother do that? of course, she won't. Because this time, I was the one who wanted to take pictures and took a lot of pictures for her during our trip. When we were in our airplane, I asked my mother to give her camara to me. My mother did not understand my meaning and did not believe that we would have a big welcome by PRC. But, in fact, we had. And pictures told you. * _ ^ !!


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