Friday, December 08, 2006

Special seeing off

Can you read in Chinese? The meaning of those words on that red cloth is the first time we have direct flight from Taipei to Bei-jing at Mid-autumn festival. My mother asked me the reason for me to go Bei-jing at this time. Why? Why? Why? Because I had no chance to take direct flight to China before. I should have. At the very frist time when we had direct fleight from Taipei to Shang-hai, I was not qualified. Thought my sister works in China, her boss is not a Taiwanese. I mean, the company is not owned by a Taiwanese. So, I could not take the direct flight last year during our Chinese New Year.

Remember that? I was in Shang-hai at that time, too. I took regular flight. That means I need to tranfer at the 3rd place. Time wasting. At that time, the fleight was delay. (Bad weather) So, when I arrived at Shang-hai, it was 7:00 pm. (I shall fly at 10:00am here in Taiwan. Do I need to fly 9 hours to Shang-hai?)

Also I needed to wait in a long line to pass the custom. I saw there was 4 empty "gate" for direct flight passagers. But at the time when I arrived, no direct flight from Taiwan to land in Shang-hai. 4 "gate " still empty. I still needed to wait in a long long line. So, next time I must take direct flight. (That's what I thought at that time. ha ha )

I do not know those people in my 2nd pic. Who are they? They must be some very important people who works for airline company. I could not go there and pass the bloom brige. Why? because that's for 1st class passengers. I, the poor younger sister who has no money and only can sleep in my sister's floor, just can offer the econimical class ticket. So, bye bye bloom brige.


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