Friday, December 08, 2006

my 1st day trip to Bei-jing

This was taken in the airport here in Taiwan at the 1st day when I stared my trip to Bei-jing. This is my ducky. Why she "sleeps" in my sleeping bag? No~~ Not for hiding her. She can go with me and sit with me, no need to hide her. Why I bring a sleeping bag? Because my sister has no empty bed for me to sleep in her home in Bei-jing. Poor younger sister, I mean, Me. That' the reason for me to carry my sleeping bag.

The 2nd pic is showing the counter we need to go. This was a big thing at that time. Because that was the first time we had direct fleight to China at our Moon festival. (We had direct flight during our Chinese lunar New Year, but no direct flight during other time)Usually we need to tranfer at the 3rd place when we fly to China. I mean, for Taiwanese and people who want to fly to China from Taiwan. About politics again. No need to say this.

Of course I can choose other time to go, but, at that time, the price of direct flight toBei-jing from Taipei was cheapper than the usual ones. I can save time & money. Why did not go? But, at the same time, the price of direct flight from Taipei to Shan-hai was more expensive that the usual ones. Tricky?

Because many tourists wanted to go to Shang-hai and those tickets were under control of travel agents. But, to Bei-jing? Not so many Taiwanese want to go there. Why? 1 reason is it's the capital of people's republic of China. Not as free as Shan-hai. Shan-hai has a name which is ecnomical capital of people's republic of China. So, which one do you want to go? Of course, Shang-hai.

But if you like old things and construction of China, I suggest you to go to Bei-jing. Which city do I like to go? Shan-hai or Bei-jing? My answer is where my sister stays, I go there. ^_ * !!


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