Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What do you want to see in Bei-jing?

What do you want to see in Bei-jing? Him? He is that famous one. Chairman Mao. His picture is hanged up there all the time. To people of PRC, he is a very important person. More like a GOD. Well, to me? He is a "place" I need to visit. Well, not taking a picture with him, can I say that I've been to Bei-jingu. I was in his land. Could I not have a picture with him? ha ha ha~~~

People of PRC call him Chairman Mao with respect. But, me? a young lady from Taiwan, what do I call him? old Mao. Ha ha ha~~~ Of course, I won't call him this in RPC 's land public.

There is a his memorial hall in Te-an men square. Not far. But, there always many people in Te-an men square. It alse need to buy ticket to go to the memorial hall. So, did I buy? Of course, not. I am not so interesting in seeing him & his "history".


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