Friday, December 29, 2006

100 kinds of Dumpling in Bei-jing

The name of this resturant is 100 kinds of dumpling in ten-jing. But, the resturant we went is located in Bei-jing. Branch resturants. :)

My 2nd picture is their manu. I did not count the numbers. Maybe there really 100 kinds of dumplimgs. Seefood, vegetables, chicken, beef and etc. Really nice to eat. I saw the picture of Bush's wife. (hanged on resturant's wall) They told me that she ate here before. So, maybe it's also good to eat to western people.

Dumpling is also a kind of traditional Chinese food in norther part of China. Usually, during our Chinese Lunar New Year People, people who live in norther part of China need to eat dumplings. It's a tradition to them.

People who live in souther part of China usually eat rice. It's about weather. South is warm enough for rice to grow. So, souther people can have a lot of rice to eat. But, to me, I like to eat dumplings. Rice? not so delicious to me. I , of course live in the souther part of China. Well, this is defined by PRC, not by ROC. Well, politics again. Not interested in this.

Next time when you have a chance to visit Beijing, go to eat at this resturant. Choose the one you like. Cause dumplings are look the same outside, I did not take pictures of what I ate. But, inside dumplings? It's really different.


  • At 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice photos Meiyunn! Dumplings exist in cuisines of many countries and have many types of fillings, but I have never seen a restaurant offering 100 choices! This is amazing! : )



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