Saturday, December 16, 2006

السلام عليكم As-salaam-aleykum

This is my lunch today with my classmates of arabic class. This is an Iranian resturant here in Taipei. Is the food good? well, same as you probably know, to me, food is not so important. What is so important to me? The one or the ones who eats or eat with me. With my classmates & teacher? good. Of course.
(The website of this resturant )

Tell you a joke. It happened, really. One of my classmate who's arabic name is Ali. He walked to the counter and wanted to ask for bill. There was a Iranian man behind the counter. Ali spoke Arabic to him. "i s mi Ali. Anta? " (That means my name is Ali and you?) Do you know the answer of that Iranian man? "I don't know" (he spoke in Taiwanese, this is the funniest part. We tried to speak Arabic to him and he spoke Taiwanese to us. We are Taiwaneses.) Cause the official language of Iran is not Arabic. So, that cute Iranian man maybe can not understand much in Arabic.

Today, we had an exam in Arabic. In the begining, we all thought it should be the same as last time. 4 answers of each question written by our teacher already and we just need to pick the right one. But, when we saw the questions, we needed to write our own sentences to answer those questions. That means we need to write in Arabic, not just see & choose this time. So, "Can we take the exam next week? "

The answer of course is "NO". So, we asked our teacher to let us "open book " and tried to find answers in our textbook. But, still hard to find. So, the answer of mine is in shaw al law. That means "if Allah allows" (allows me to pass that exam) ha ha ha~

These are "how are you " in Arabic, Korean & Spanish.

السلام عليكم
안녕하십니까? (안녕하세요)
Buenos dìas (o buenas tardes o buenas noches o hola)


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    You speak Mandarin, Arabic, English, and Spanish! Very impressive : )



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