Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cooking class I :Chinese food, materials

Of course I can cook. Of course, good in Chinese food. But, why do I need to do it myself? It's not expensive to eat out here in Taiwan. I mean, if you do not want to eat formal dinner in a big resturant. We have a lot of night markets here, cheap & convenient. Also, we have a lot of 24 hrs convenient stores. So, it's really very easy & cheap to eat out. Or, you can just buy a package of instant noodles. We also have a lot of kinds instant noodles you can choose. So, can you find a reason for me to cook? ha ha~~ well, when I studied in Taichung, not lived with my parents and when dinosaur walked near by, I cooked. ha ha ha~

This is a dish I ate in Bei-jing. Mushrooms. I also ate a kind of soup made of this kind mushroom in U-nan. Mushroom is a kind of famous food material in south-easten provinces of China. Also, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Well, same as you know, in the time when dinosaur still walked by, people used natural herb medicine. So, food, of course, a kind of natural medicine.

This dried and packed mushroom is the one which I bought in Bei-jing. Easy to buy, just go to supermarkets. Dried mushroom? so, you need to rehydrate it before you cook.(See my 1st pic) According to the instruction outside package, I need to rehydrate it at least 30 mins. My 2rd pic is after 30 mins. But, you need to cut off the end of mushroom before you cook, this is not told. Why? relate with wood. Think by youself.

My 3rd pic is sliced meat. Well, according to my mother, it will be taste good if you add some garlic, ginger, soybean sauce and peper before you cook. Why? those spice you add can let the bad smell of pork dismissed. Onion can add some in, too. That's the trick for you to cook meat of Chinese style well. Btw, at least let meat soaked with those spices more than 30 mins.

My 4th pic? familar with you? sweet peper, yes. But, sliced it as thin as possible. My mother's demand. :(


  • At 4:40 AM, Blogger deCinabre said…

    Hello again, meiyunnchung. It's good to see you back with more food and toilets. We all have to eat...

  • At 9:05 AM, Blogger mikidhellas said…

    Looks tasty! I just made pork today, fried onion before, with some carrot, then added pork and some "western" spices as basil, thyme ,pepper (black and white), red (sharp) paprika. Should be good sauce :) Happy New Year, MP!


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