Friday, December 29, 2006

western food resturants in Bei-jing

There are many western food resturants in Bei-jing. Not only Mcdonald's and KFC. There of course not only thses restureants. The reason for me to take these is to make fun of their Chinese name. Sometimes, Chinese translation in PRC is really funny.

These were taken in the embassy area of Bei-jing. Well, PRC has many "friends" in United Nations, so, of course, there are so many not-Chinese people in China. Where is the place for most of foreigners need to go? Of course, international airport & embassay area. That's the reason for there to have so many wester restureants together. Of course, there are also other countries' resturants, such as Russian, Jananese, Korean and etc.

Another reason is there are so many communities for embassadors & their families to live in. Just inside the we so called embassay area.


  • At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Xin nian yu kuai Meiyunn! And happy new year in advance for year of the pig on February 18! : )

    Yikes! American restaurants! Your cooking is wonderful; you may find that American restaurants are like "food factories." America is a very young country and most of its culinary traditions have roots in other places. Although we did not invent the foods, what we did very well was to automate their production. In doing so though we eliminated the personal attention that a cook gives to the ingredients, preparation, presentation, and flavor of the final product. In many parts of the world food is a source of pleasure and even a form of art; here in America food is often seen simply as fuel for our bodies. Recipes I have tried from your site are very flavorful, so I fear that you may find that food in McDonalds and other American restaurants will be fatty and bland!



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