Sunday, December 31, 2006

¡Feliz Año Nuevo !

This is Spanish. The meaning of this is happy new year. :) This is a kind of Spanish cocktail. The name of this is Sangria. :) Today is my Dec. 31. Sunday. Yes, a day to rest. But, I still have my Spanish class to go. Here in Taiwan, we do not pay much attention to this new year, usually. We, Chinese, of course we have our own new year and of course we celebrate that day. But, nowdays, we celebrate this new year, too. Many live concerts and "final count down" almost in every citiy. "Commericalized", that's the only thing I can say. Why? because in this day, maybe you will need to buy gifts for friends or famlies. Or you will need to go out and have a big dinner. Maybe need to book this dinner long long time a go.(spend money and businessmen earn a lot)

How to make this delicious drink? a bottle of red wine and a bottle of orange juice. Mix together and add some sliced tengerines, ice cube and a little bit vinegar. (if you like acidic mouth feel, you can add vinegar more & sliced lemons)

The name of red wine my classmates & I drank is "la mancha" . What's the meaning of that? "Don't know". ha ha ha~~~ But, it's really good. This is prepared by my cute little Spanish teacher. "Muchas Gracias" !

Why my ducky apear again? Because my ducky's original "owner"'s father like to drink sometime. Maybe he knows the meaning of "La mancha" . :)

Well, this ducky is the luckiest duck in the world. Cause she was born in Europe. (I can not find any "made in China" or "Made in Malaysia" tag in this ducky ) Now she is in Asia. She traveled a lot in Europe and she have started her trip in Asia 2 months ago. (With me, to Bei-jing) She will go to Malaysia with her new mother(me, of course), aunty (my roommate) and 2 uncles( Seven & James) on Feb. 17th. Ducky also will have to eat her dinner with a bunch of people on airplane at our Chinese New Year's Eve. Also, she will go to hotel at very early morning on Feb. 18 in Malaysia. Nice trip? Must be a interesting trip to ducky.

That means I need to fininsh writing my Bei-jing trip before Feb 17. Otherwise, I can not write my trip in Malaysia. :)


  • At 1:59 AM, Blogger mikidhellas said…

    The name of 'La Mancha' comes from the words in antique arabian "ma-ansha" which means "no-water".


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