Friday, November 24, 2006

My trip to the great wall

Hi, I am back. Maybe just for a short time. I really have no time to write my blog. Why? I am not so busy. I just like to watch soap TY operas. ha ha . This is the reason for me to be busy. ha ha, now you know the reason? well, this pic was taken in October. Yes. in Bei-jing. I went to visit my elder sister and her husband. Now they move to Beijing, not in Shang-hai. So, "new place" for me to go. ha ha . "good sister" ~~

This is my ducky, my new pet. ha ha ~~ She is the luckiet duck in the world. Can a ducky to go to the great wall herself? No an "owner" can be as nice as me. ha ha ~~

This is not the one which Clinton went. The great wall is long long long enough. The one Clinton went is well re-bulided well for tourists to go. The one I went? no . Not so well rebulided and also not so wellknown for tourists to go, especially those we so called "foreigners".

Me? of course, I am not "foreigners", I am just "Taiwanese" . Ha ha ha . It's a political joke. If you know the polical things well, then you can understand what happened between Taiwan & China.

If I have time, I will write more about my trip in Beijing. Of course, "toilets" . I took pictures, of course. This is the reason for me to go there. Of course, I took picturs of foods there, too.

Now, I need to go back to
1. study my Arabic
2. study my Korean
3 . study my Spanish
4. watch my soap tv operas.

Which one do you think I will do? Guess, *_^ !!