Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Peanuts candy spring roll with ice cream

This is a kind of famous desserts in I-Lan. See, first, slice that peanuts candy into powder. Of course, not too much. Then, put ice cream & peanuts candy powder on the thin spring roll out layer. The street vendor will wrap it. Then, you can eat. This cost me 25 NTD.

See, my last pic. I bit peanuts candy spring roll with cream and let you know what it looks like. mm, delicious~~~

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Taiwanese tourist group -2

See that small TV set in my pic? This pic was taken on my bus to caoling trail last Sat. Why I want you to see that TV set? Do you see there is a micro-phone is holding on a lady's hand? We Taiwanese like to sing kala -ok on a bus during our trip. I didn't see this in western countries. Is there any? Maybe you can find this in Japan, too. But, is there any kala -ok on a bus during trip in western countries?

Btw, I do not like this. Noisy & meaningless. But, if you go on a trip with local Taiwanese tourist group, most of them all like this. If there is no kala-ok on bus, they will feel boring. Will you?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Taiwanese tourist group-1

Those pics were taken on the way to caling trail last Sat. I went with a 70 people tourist group. Well, I need to explain this first. I am not a person who likes to go with such a big group & boring trip. Sometimes, I go with them because of my mother. My mother wants to go some places, but no one she knows can share a room with her, so, asking her baby daughter to go with her is the best way. Her baby daughter is me. *_^ !! Maybe you know this or not, usually we Chinese women have not gone to many places except for her home area. Especially those women in my mother's age or old than her. So, after their kids grown up, they want to go out to see this world. But, this time, I did not go with my mother. I went with Molysa. Traveling agent is her family business, I think.

The other reason is most of my friend are married & have kids. If I want to go out with them, I shall learn how to "play with" baby kids, milk and diapers. I have driving license, but I do not drive. Simple answer to this. Cause, hard to find a parking place. I drive a car, not let the car drive me. So, most of time, I go out by bus, subway, train, my bike , my moto & bus NO. 11. (This means walk. 11? not similar to 2 legs ? ha ha~~ Taiwanese joke )

Those pictures were taken during my trip to Caoling trail last Sat. I met these people in a rest area. Can you understand those Chinese words on that red cloth in front of those buses? That means a temple. Those people will go to a place and to bai-bai. At least, 2 buses of people will go. (from my pic)

What are those people in my 2nd pic doing? They are waiting for toilets. At that time, it was 8:00 AM. See, there are so many aged women. Many old women like to go bai bai? If you live here in Taiwan, maybe you find this before. According to my mother's speak, aged women do not like to go baibai all the time. But, they want to go out. The best way for them to go out & not blamed by their husbands is to go bai bai. *_^ !!

Most of you know that I believe in no religions. But, I am Moslem . I am not a real Moslem. This is a kind of Taiwanese joke. Isam pronuced in hui -jiao(回教) in Chinese. That can be translated into go home & sleep in Chinese. (回家睡覺) So, I am this kind of Moslem. (Go home & sleep in my own bed) I respect all the religions. I also believe that it's a nice way to know a kind of culture by knowing their religion first.

What are thos people in my 3rd pic do ? They got off buses and stretched their legs for a while. See, there are also so many buses there. mm, nice day for going to bai-bai? ha ha~~

What does this look like?

mm, interesting ? We call this elephant trunk clam. ( )Maybe I eat thos before. I do not remember. We usually put this into boiled water for a while. Then, it will be easy to take off the shells & skin. After that, you can slice it. Usually, we add some soy sauce or wasabi on it when we eat.

It looks like the long nose of elephant. It also can stretch. Do you know what this really simliar to ? Think a little bit dirty way ~~~ *_^ !!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mountain "pillow" is better than mountain climbing

mm, I went mountain climbing today. To this place , Caoling Historic Trail. ( ) Does this call mountain climbing or just hiking? *_ ^ !! It took me 2hours walk to arrive the place where our bus was parked. My 1st picture was taken from the top of this trail. The moisture content today is a little bit to high. See, does it still beautiful?

My 2nd picture is me. What behind me is hu-tzu (tiger) stele. (for 300 years) See, I was so tired. I got up at 4:30 AM.( p.s. Thanks to Joel for "msn" me to wake up) Then, dealed with my office work. (thanks to the "strike" of my computer in office in Friday afternoon) Went out at 6:00 AM. Catched my bus at 6:20AM. Then, waited in the meeting place to meet other people. This time, we still have 2 buses. Around 70 people went on this one day trip. The time for me to arrive at Caoling Historic Trail is 9:00 AM. I only slept for 3 hours last night. But, I need to get up so early and go hiking? Tired, of course.

What was inside my backpack? My jacket & my shirts. Too hot & tired. The time when I went out was cool. But, when I was in caoling, 2 hours walk, mm, hot ~~~ & tired.

So, my dear Croatian Alien, MP only likes to go mountain pillow. (That means sleeping) NO mountain climbing. *_^ !!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Vegetarian Sea Food Noodles

This is my dinner tonight. I do not satisfied with this vegetarian sea food noodles. Why? Cause I do not sea any vegetarin shrimps or vegetarian fish balls. Only vegetarian kamaboko. Can this call vegetarian sea food noodles? Vegetarian kamaboko is made of konjac powder & soy protein.

See my 2nd pic. The one is my spoon is vegetarian meat ball. It is made of soy protein. Those small brown spots in that meat ball are sliced mushrooms.

What is that between my chopsticks? Vegetarian ham. Similar to real ham? Of course, this vegetarian ham is made of soy protein.

This costs me 70 NTD, equals to 2 Euro , around.

Have you got any idea of vegetarian Chinese foods here in Taiwan?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Vegetarian fillet

Same as I said before, I will show you vegetarian Chinese food. My roommate in university time will get married next April. Maybe I will show you more vegetarian Chinese foods in big feast at that time. But, so long long long time later. :)

This is vegetarian fillet. See, really like general fillet? The black outer layer of that fillet is a kind of seaweed. This vegetarian fillet is made of soy protein. Soy protein was processed by high tempature & high pressure, then become different kinds of soy protein. Some can use for vegetarian nugget, some can be vegetarian meat. The shape & texture of soy protein depend on pressure & temperaure.

This is vegetarian fillet soup. There are also vegetables, sliced bamboo & carrot inside my soup. The price of this soup is 40NTD, equals to 1 Euro. There are also vegetarian chicken, duck, pork, sea shells, shrimps, fish meat balls & etc. Tasted good? mm, depends. If you like to eat real meat all the time, maybe you do not like this. *_^ !!

But, fillet soup? a little bit strange? Yes, I also feel the same. :)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Stewed chicken with Sesame oil

mm, stewed food again. Do you know? We Chinese love to eat something stewed with Chinese herb medicine in such a cool (or cold) day. Maybe the weather now in Taiwan is not cold for you. Now is around 18C here in Taipei. But, humidity. The moisture content of wind is high. So, when the wind blows, mm, cold. That the only answer I can give. *_ ^ !!

This stewed chicken with sesame oil is a kind of "standfood" for women who had delivereded a child within 1 month to eat. Why? Because it is "hot". Women who had delivered a child within 1 month was cold. (Lost a lot of blood) In modern science, there are a lot of un-saturated fatty acid in sesame oil. Women who delivered a child needed fatty acid.

Why I eat this? Nothing related with delivered a child. Same as I said before, sesame is "hot". Now, I feel a little bit cold, so I eat something "hot". That's the reason for me to eat this. Believe it or not, I didn't eat this before. This is the very first time for me to eat. Strange for you? ^_* !!!

Thanks James for correcting my error. The food I wrote yesterday is mutton, not meat of duck. Why I wrote wrong? mm, maybe I was thinking of my baby dock Donald. Ok, maybe I really need to go a nice & deep sleep. mm, hard working & poor young lady. :( Well, will there any tall, handsome, & young European man want to sleep with me? Ok, this is a joke. Do not take this seriously. *_^ !!

Another reason for me to write wrong is there is another famous stewed food here in Taiwan. That is really related with duck. Stewed meat of duck with ginger & Chinese herb medicine. This one is also popular here in Taiwan in winter.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stewed mutton with chinese herb medicine

mm, it has been rainy & cool in recently days. Do you know what we Chinese love to do in such days? Eat ! Right ! Eat something helpful. :) Same as I said before, penis of animals maybe the most popular food in this time. *_^ !!! I am a girl, I do not eat penis of animals. But, Chinese men maybe love to eat penis of animals in such cool days. :) (To help them become "stronger" )

Not only we can eat in stores or street vendors, but aslo we can eat at our homes. No need to stew those food for couple hours. We have frozen food. *_^ !! Frozen stewed mutton soup with Chinese herb medicine. (or other kinds)

You just need to follow the instruction on labels. Add water & boil. So simple, right? This is my lunch today. See, there are real mutton and frozen to-fu inside that soup. I didn't add anything else, only water. Not bad? the price of this maybe around 100 NTD, I for got.

No, not all eaten by myself for my lunch, my mother also ate. There are still a lot in my refrigerator. I have no such a big stomach. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Traveling Show

No need much to say about this show. Which country has most booths? Japan, of course. Then? Asian countries. There is one booth for my favorite Egypt. :) One booth for Pero, one booths for Maxico, one booth for Mongolia & one booth for Israel. Why I mention these countries? Cause those ones are the countries I want to go. ^_* !!

Of course, there are booths for America, central America, South America, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovokia, South Africa, India, Malaysia and so on. Yes, of course, this is international traveling show. *_^ !!

Is Poland famous for jewelry? Why so many jewelry in the window? Slovokia famous for wine? See, there are wines in windows. :)

Why no my "Croatia" ? :(

There are so many places in the world I want to go, but, back to reality, "small NTD" !! :( That means the change rate of USD or Eruo to New Taiwan Dollars. NTD is too too too too tooo small. :(

Today, the change rate, USD: NTD is 1:33.7. :(
Really "SMALL NTD" ~~~

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

wa gui (Rice pudding)

Well, this is really Taiwanese food, not from China. mm, I think so. At least, not from China in recently 60 years. :) This is made of rice milk. A kind of sticky & starch content rich rice. You can stir rice & water together, then, boil that "rice milk " , after cooling down, wa gui shows up. mm, maybe. mm, in my poor memory. *_^ !!

The light brown liquid on the top is sweet soybean sauce. Those small white particles in the middle part of wa gui are garlic sauce. See my 2nd picture, there is a boiled egg inside my wa gui. Not only boiled egg, meat also. I just want to show you what "maybe" inside. Why "maybe"? Because depends on price. If the price is high, maybe there are more food inside wa gui. This one is 30 NTD.

I remember that deCinabre told me about "pudding" before. Maybe you call this rice pudding, too. Yes, maybe I shall call it rice pudding. Cause it tastes a little bit like pudding. :) Salty rice pudding? *_^ !! But, maybe no Taiwanese can understand this. The best name for you to call about this food in Taiwan is wa -gui.

Why wa-gui? Cause we Taiwanese call bowel in "wa " , qui is a kind of cake. This is pronuciation of Taiwanese, not Chinese. *_^ !! Maybe I shall go to Tainan & ask my roommate in university time to take me to eat some real good & traditional Taiwanese food. Then, I can show you more. But, I will need to attend my friend's wedding after 2 weeks & I will be the bride's mate of my another roommate in university time in April next year. In order to let myself can dress in my dress, I need to on a diet. :( So, maybe this is not a good idea for me to go to Tainan. *_^ !!

This is what my colleage told me today. "mm, won't you attend that wedding on 3rd Dec.? Why you still eat so much? You said that you need to on a diet everyday~~~Just because of the wedding." ha ha~~ What can I say? well, I can not give up eating delicious food. *_^ !!

Roasted Pig Knuckle

mm, really good to eat. This is my lunch today. The price of this is 260 NTD. (equals to 65 Euro) This is sold in B1 of the 101 building. I ate this in Germany 5 years ago. I miss that flavor so much. So, when I find this in B1 of the 101 building, the first thing for me to do is to order it. *_^ !!

The 101 building is the tallest building in the world now. mm, frankly speaking, I have no special feeling about it now. I can see it every day. My office is located in world trade center and just next to the 101 building. Envy me so much? :) Well, now I find a new thing to do about this building. It seems that the lights outside the building are in different colors every day. Today is Monday, the color of lights are pink. Well, what will be the color of lights tomorrow? mm, maybe this is my new interest. :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

The 1st model in Taiwan

Well, do you think this girl beautiful? Lin- chih-ling , the most famous model in Taiwan. She is so called the 1st famous model here in Taiwan. Well, but, according to our news papers, magazines & TV news, she had no chance to attend international shows. So, why do our Taiwanese like her? Men in Taiwan are crazy for her, well, will you?

She had an accident & very ill months ago. At that time, general people started to know that she likes stuffy toys, too. (She is 31 years old, now. )What in my 2nd picture are the ones she likes best. The name of these are kiki & lala.(Created by Japanese) Kiki & la la are cute, but, not so well known in Taiwan. Usually, girls in Asia like hello kitty. (The one in my 3rd picture) She is 30 years old & she is Japanese. Cause, she, I mean, hello kitty was created by Japanese,too. After our so called the 1st famous model had an accident, kiki & lala became famous. Why? all related with this so called 1st famous model. People, especially men, like to know what she likes, what she wears, what she eats & so on.

Will you feel strange? 30 years old lady like stuffy toys? well, maybe in the west countries, 30 years old lady shall like man, not stuffy toys. But, in Asia, maybe from Japan, men like women to be cute or pretend to be cute. See my fourth picture, this was taken in front of a flower shop. See, there are small bears instead of flowers. So, I am right? Cute or to pretend to be cute.

So, now, it is a little bit late, the time for me to go to bed. Let you guess what are there on my bed? Of course, no tall European man is waiting on my bed for me. (This, of course, jokes. ) Only my baby sheep, panda (pa pa bear), Snoopy, monkey, fish, cow & micky mouse. Stuffy toys are waiting on my bed for me. That's normal for Eastern girls. Different from your culture? :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tiny Asian girl ~~ ^_* !!

Well, do not misunderstand anything. I do not have this special "interest". Of course, I love man, ok? But, why did I take this picture? Cause there was a really funny thing happened last afternoon.

I was on my way to a subway station near my home. There was a young man, 20 years old around, maybe. He asked his friend out to see this girl very quickly. So, his action made me want to take a picture of this girl.

In fact, I saw this girl before that young man and I was thinking about her short skirt. mm, a little bit can not cover her ass, maybe that is "good" for men. *_^ !!! When this idea was still in my mind, that young man & his friend showed up. mm, really "teanager" .~~~~*_^ !! Can not hide their "interest" any more. ^_* !!

This girl is really hot, in the standard of Asian men or teangers. *_^ !! Oh, She is not only good in figure, but also good in looking. I saw her face and I also saw what inside her white-red box. There was a rabbit inside. That is her pet. Cute? So, really a hot & cute tiny Asian girl. *_^ !! Nice picture? ha ha~~

Saturday, November 12, 2005

little girl's dream

Since someone left a message for me and thought that I am very girlish(mm, yes, of course, I am very girlish), so, I went to the street famous for wedding dress today. Wedding dress? maybe this is a beautiful dream of every little girl. Why I went there? Of course, I don't need to choose wedding dress for myself. I needed to go some places near there, so , I went there and also took some beautiful wedding dress pictures.

There are 2 streets famous for wedding dress here in Taipei. One is Zhong-shan N. Road(between Sec. 2 & 3, there are many wedding dress shops), the other one is near CKS memorial hall. There is a street famous for wedding dress in Taichung, too. I forget the name of that street now. But, how can I know the this so well? Cause that place was the place I liked to go when I was a graduated school student. When I could not do my exp. well, could not find a way to describe my exp. data or could not satisfied my professor, then I went to that street to see beautiful wedding dress. That could make me feel much better & happy at that time. (But, now. no more. )Same as I said, wedding dress maybe is a beautiful dream of every little girl. Of course, I am no exception.

We rent wedding dress here in Taiwan. Few people buy. Cause, who want to wear wedding dress for twice? at least, at the time they want to get married. ^_* !! Before, maybe 20 years ago, people still bought their own wedding dress. But, now, most of people rent. They usually take a lot of pictures. Of course, in different kinds of dresses & places. Usually, we rent wedding dress, take pictures & make them into an album. That's the "situation" here in Taiwan. Different from you?

See my 2nd picture. The ablums there for people to see are taken by photographers in that shop. You can know the style of photographers by seeing his or her pictures. If you like, you can go inside the shop and ask more detailed things. See my 3rd picture. That man is a foreigner. mm, it seems that he is already very familar with the culture here in Taiwan. *_^ !! What style of wedding dress do I like best? See my 1st picture then you can know. *_^ !!

But, this style of wedding dress maybe not suitable for Chinese wedding . Maybe I shall find a tall European man !! ha ha~~ but, bald man, NO. ~~~ not like the one in my 3rd picture. *_^ !!

Friday, November 11, 2005

stewed pig's liver with Chinese herbs

Yesterday was hot, but, I ate this. Why? I do not know. I just want to eat this. Usually, we Chinese eat stewed food(or soups) with Chinese herbs in cold days. That's a kind of herb medicine. :) Maybe I feel too tired in these days. So my body gave me a natural hint to let me to eat this stewed pig's liver with Chinese herbs.

Same as I said before. We Chinese think that eat the organ or portion of animals can help to improve the function of our same organ or same portion. So, eat liver can help my liver. Well, depends. There are many kinds of vitamins & minerals in liver, indeed. But, also many antibiotic in pig's liver in Taiwan.

To tell you a little dirty joke. Now, you can imagine why Chinese men love to eat penis of animals, especially those frightening or "long" ones, like tigers, lions, dogs, turtles( long life) , deers, and so on.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"funny" hot dog in Taiwan night market

Do you see that? That is hog dog in night markets in Taiwan. New style & new flavors. Of course, we have the same style of hog dogs as you eat in Europe, America or Australia. See the spiral out layer of hot dog? The yellow one is cheese flavor, the brown one is chocolate flavor. Funny? One hot dog costs 25 NTD.

This picture was taken by me few days ago. I didn't take pictures in these days. Why? mm, now is the time for department stores to celebrate their anniversary in Taiwan. mm, that means "discount, special offer, free gifts" . Well, most girls like to go shopping, I am not exception. So, shopping girl was my name in those passed days. I didn't spend a lot of money, but I got a lot of nice free gifts. I bought cosmetics for my elder sister. She gets cosmetics & I get free gifts. *_^ !! Of course, she pays the money. She works in Shang-hai. The brand she like to buy doesn't easy to buy in Shang-hai. So, asking her cute, sweet, pretty & nice hearted younger sister to buy for her. Of course, this cute, sweet, pretty & nice hearted younger sister is me. *_^ !!

mm, now, the first thing for me to do is hiding my credic cards. mm, can not buy anything more. Usually, I make a list of what I want to buy. Then, find any special offer, discounts, or free gifts for me. That's the reason for me to have a lot of free gifts. *_ ^ !!! I am a smart girl, too.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dang gui tu sh

This is my favorite food. Believe it or not, when the first time for me to eat this, I had no guts to eat. That was 14 years ago, when I was still freshman in university. What wonderful time it was. Though I am Chinese and I live in Taiwan, I did not know anything related with Chinese herb medicine before 18 years old. And, I almost did not eat any Taiwanese food before 18 years old. Strange? No. Cause my mother & my grandfather came from Shang-hai. My mother cooks Shang-hai food. My mother cooks very well, so, do I need to eat out? No such need. *_^ !!

Why 18 years old? Cause I studied in Taichung and did not lived with my parents at those 6 years. mm, wonderful time, my decision was right. I decided to study outside Taipei city. *_^ !! So, I ate out with my classmates. mm, dang qui ti sh is the 1st food for me to eat after night trip. Night trip? When I was university student, we liked to go out in the night. Few boys & girls, rode motocycles and etc. Of course, girls sat back on motocycles. That would be boys' "welfare". Why? cause girls maybe afraid of fast speed & hug boys tightly. But, me, NO. I am "good" motorcycles rider. This "good" means fast speed. *_^ . So, can I be afraid of fast speed?

After night trip, we ususally went to night market to find something hot to eat. Especially in cool & cold days. Dang gui is a kind of Chinese herb medicine. Tu sh is a kind of fish. or I shall call it Clarias fuscus. See my 1st picture, dang gui tu sh is a soup with fish. The green one is basil. They add dang gui & few other Chinese herbs to make that soup.

The first time for me to eat this, I only ate fish. The meat of tu sh is very soft. I like to eat it's skin. Soft and maybe there is a lot of collagen in tu sh' skin. Usually, people in Taiwan like to eat head of tu sh. And if you order head of tu sh, that will be need to add 10 NTD or more. I like to eat body of tu sh. I have no guts to eat head of tu sh. Casue, I was frightened by tu sh before. See my 3rd picture, that's tu sh. It can live in a pond. That time, it suddenly showed up & opened it's big mouth. So ugly & disgusting. After that time, I did not eat it for a long time.

This is my dinner today. How much does it cost? 50NTD.

Steamed meat pudding

Same as I told you before. There is another kind of meat pudding. The steamed one. The one I told you before is fried one. Meat circle? Rou yuan? meat pudding ? Remember?

The one I ate last night is steamed meat pudding with shrimp inside. This time I found a nice seat to sit. So, I can take nice pictures and let you know how to make it. See my 2nd picture, this is steamed meat pudding, the shape before steamed. After steamed, it becomes the way in my 1st picture. The price of this is 3 for 50 NTD. Like my 1st picture.

How to steam meat pudding? See my 3rd picture! *_ ^ !!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Roasted hamburger ?

Roasted hamburger on a road? and such a big big hamburger? No! I know you know, of course. This is a big plastic hamburger. The flame is fake, not real. They put orange lights and fans down there . When those fans blow that white paper, if you do not pay attention, or you see for the very first time, maybe you will think that is real flame. Or you see it in a long distant.

Interesting? I found this in front of a Burger king shop in Keelung harbor.

fortune teller

One another famous thing related with Washi street is fortune teller. Maybe I shall say, related with longshan temple. ( ) Washi street is near longshan temple.

See my 1st picture, that fortune teller was sleeping. Maybe he has bad business. There were 3 people asking another fortune teller in my 2nd picture. She saw me taking her picture and was angry. So, the best choice for me is run away. *_^ !!

From my personal experiences, most of those fortune teller can predict some easy things well. Especially those thing will be happened in the nearly future, maybe couple days. But, big things or things will be happened in couple months later, maybe they can not predict well.

Do you know what I asked before? Yes, when will I get married? NO ONE CAN PREDICT WELL. They said, 26, 28, 31 years old and etc. But, now? I am still single availible. Now, they say after 35 years old. mm, I do not believe them anymore. Now, I take this as a joke.

But, if they tell me some things I need to take care more, especially in my personality, I will follow they instruction. I always say : " They can not predict good things well, but they do can predict bad things well. Usually, bad things come true. " Dark magic? *_^ !!