Friday, February 23, 2007

Ducky in Malaysia

Well, this time I am not biggest liar in the world. I post my trip in Malaysia on time. But, only ducky. It seems that ducky had a good vacation in Malaysia. So did her mother. (It's me, ok?) Since ducky's mother is learning Arabic, ducky went to mosque, too. It's Malaysia National Mosque. It's really very beauiful. Said by Ducky's mother. Ducky's mother also found a nice Chinese guide there. If ducky's mother will have time in the nearly future, there will be a lot of mosque pictures in this blog. Of course, ducky's mother took a lot in this trip already.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

Well, well, well~~ In fact, our Chinese Lunar New Year will be on Feb. 18th this year. But, at that time, I will be in Malaysia. Yes, I will have a trip in Malaysia and I will write in my blog. Do you believe me? I am a liar. Cause I wanted to to finish my trip in Bei-jing before my Chinese New Year. Did I ? ha ha ha ~~

What is inside that dish? Canned fish with kimchi flavor. Of course this was made in Korea. But, I bought this in a supermarket here in Taiwan. Almost everything is related with kimchi in Korea, is that what you are thinking?

Well, this european ducky has to taste different food now here in Asia. Same as me. I will have or I shall say, I have, a multiple culture life.