Friday, March 31, 2006

the one I like most in Korea

This is what I like most in Korea. How do you call this? See the cartoon sign? the one with sun glass. ha ha~~ You can know what is this now.

This is dried and added a little bit sugar in it. Not bad to eat this with beer. And, not expensive, also easy to buy. The price of this for 1 package is 600 Korean don. Around 20 NTD.

Where to buy? Only need to go in to "Family" convenient stores.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What do Korean women consider to be important?

I have not written my blog for at least 1 month. Where did i go? Nowhere. Still here in Taiwan. Maybe I am "testing" . Testing what? skin care products. ha ha ha

What do Korean women consider to to important? Skin, body shape, accessory, hair style, teeth, hand, clothes & shoes. The most important thing they care about is skin. So, it's not hard to find those skin care products in Korea. Not only or women, but also for men. A lot of kinds skin care products.

Most important of all, not expensive. Also, functional. Of course, I bought a lot back to Taiwan. I also find nice shops to buy Korean skin care products here in Taiwan. :) That's why I did not write my blog. :)

The price of that mask is around 20 NTD for 1 piece, cheap? yes.